Friday, 24 February 2012

New Contributor: Graham Fisher - Why I started doing parkrun

Name:Graham Fisher
Home parkrun: Leeds
Date of first parkrun: 16/07/2011
Total Number of parkruns: 2
Number of other parkrun locations run: 3 – Roundhay (Leeds) Bradford Harrogate
Number of times volunteered: 7 or 8, I think!

When I was younger I hated doing exercise as I was quite shy, also being overweight. Back in 2005 I first joined a gym and I loved it makingnew friends that’s when I tackled my first Half Marathon in Leeds weighing inat 25 stone I managed to complete the course in 2hours 49minutes. When Ifinished I was really chuffed as I managed to complete something which I neverthought I could.

The following year I managed to combine my running withindoor rowing and with a 2 stone weight loss I managed to beat my Leeds HalfMarathon time by a massive ten minutes which was pleasing again but that’s whenother problems started.

I got ill through depression and I lost all interest in all exercisingand my weight went upto a massive 27stone 7lbs and I felt very uncomfortable Icould not walk hardly and I had big problems with circulation in my right leg.

February 2011 I had an operation to reduce my weight loss Ihad the Rou-en-Y procedure known as (Gastric Bypass) after the first six monthsI had lost 50% of my excess body weight that’s when I needed to get back intoexercising again.

Leeds Park Run (Hyde Park)

I heard about the parkrun on facebook and I thought I wouldregister and have a go at it.

When I first went to do the Leeds parkrun I thought to myself what am I doing here I was standing at the back makingsure that I was not seen. When we started I thought oh what the hell am hereand I will give it ago and to my surprise I finished in a reasonable time of 33:59.

I have worked hard on the parkrun and my current time forthe Leeds parkrun is at 29:00.

Doing the park run means a lot to me as I have made quite afew friends from my old running club and now my current club the Pudsey Pacers.What got to me was how friendly people were and when finishing near the lastthere are always people at the encouraging you.

I would admit that I am now addicted to doing the parkrun every week.


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