Friday, 24 February 2012

Parkrun course description: Cardiff Parkrun

At Cardiff Parkrun, we have the privilege to run through parts of Cardiff's biggest city centre public park known as Bute Park, which was originally created as the private garden to Cardiff Castle by the Head Gardener for the Third Marquess of Bute between 1873 and 1901.  In 1947, a significant proportion of the grounds were given to the people of Cardiff by the Fifth Marquess of Bute, along with Cardiff Castle and Sophia Gardens. 

Bute Park gets over one million visitors every year and has 59 hectares of parkland (approx 75 football pitches).  A water bus even operates from the park to Cardiff Bay.
Approximately the first kilometre of our Parkrun is set alongside parts of the renowned  River Taff which takes us up to the weir. 

This path also forms part of the Taff Trail.  The Taff Trail is a popular walking and cycling path that runs for 55 miles (89km) between Cardiff Bay and Brecon. It is named so because it follows  the course of the River Taff.

On approaching the weir, we then enter into the famous Bute Park where we continue to run for the next three kilometres, before returning back to the weir and onto the homeward stretch to the finish line.

Here are some of us approaching the weir before entering Bute Park.

The three kilometres through Bute Park are filled with many historic, horticultural and environmental features. 
Finally, on leaving Bute Park and approaching the weir again, we continue  for the final stretch along the Taff Trail towards the finish.
There are numerous volunteers throughout the entire course who always give us great support and encouragement.

I hope this Cardiff Parkrun description has given you an indication of the pleasure that 300+ Cardiff runners experience every Saturday morning. 
Thank you for taking the time to read it. 

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