Thursday, 22 November 2012

How do I join parkrun?

Joining parkrun is very simple.

There is a quick and easy registration form on the parkrun website. You just need to fill that out, which takes a couple of minutes and then you are free to turn up and run at any parkrun. Registration is completely free, and every single parkrun event is completely free to run and always will be!

The registration process and the location of the registration web page is specific to each Country. The best place to start is at the global parkrun events page (click here).

For the UK parkrun registration page click here.

To be able to run at parkrun, all you have to do is pre-register. You simply have to enter a few personal details, including:
- First name(s)
- Last name
- Home run: this is selected from a list of all the existing parkrun events. You would normally choose the location nearest to where you live.
- Gender
- Date of birth (for age-grading purposes)
- Running club (optional)
- Email address
- Postcode

And that is pretty much it, apart from accepting some very basic terms and conditions (nothing serious).

After completing the registration form you will receive an email and you will be given a method to get and print your own personal barcode. It is important that you keep this barcode safe as it becomes your "pass" to run at any parkrun event and receive your own personal result.

Once you have your own barcode you are free to run parkrun whenever and wherever you want. There is no commitment required, just turn up at any parkrun event (not just your home event!), bring your barcode with you and then just run. You can do this on any Saturday morning of the year that suits you, you don't ever need to tell anyone you are coming!

So it's free, it's simple to join and there is no comittment! What more could you possibly ask for?

Go on, why wait when you can join parkrun today and be ready to run this or any future Saturday!

Click here for the global parkrun registration page.

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