Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Top 5 feelings at parkrun

I'm sure every parkrunner would have their own opinions about this, but here are my suggestions for the top 5 feelings at parkrun:

1) Getting a parkrun PB - That sense of achievement just can't be beaten. The longer your old parkrun PB has stood for, the better the feeling. There is something very special about being better than you have ever been at parkrun before.

2) Pacing a friend to a parkrun PB - It may not be your own PB, but helping someone else to get theirs feels almost as good as getting a PB yourself. And maybe someone else will repay the favour to help you to a PB one day.

3) Volunteering - You may not get to run yourself, but knowing that you have still been part of parkrun and have enabled everyone else to run is still a great feeling. It really is the next best thing to running at parkrun and is a great way to stay involved when injured or resting for another event.

4) Joining the 50 or 100 club - It's a great feeling to get that brand new 50 or 100 (or 250 club I imagine) club t-shirt, especially when you cast your mind back over all those runs and the commitment it has taken to reach that landmark. Then you can show everyone that you are part of the club.

5) Community spirit - That great feeling of being part of something as special as parkrun. Sharing the experience, being cheered on by (and cheering on in return) your new-found parkrun friends.

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