Wednesday, 21 November 2012

You know you're a parkrunner when...

... 10, 50, 100 and 250 don't need an explanation can use "easy" and 5 in the same sentence
...your shoes have more miles on them than your car does go to a golf course to run schedule dates around your training've been to a golf course in every city but not to play golf find yourself saying, "it's not really a hill..."'re running and you don't know why
...more than half the people you know don't know what XC is
... you keep shoes and running clothes in your car so that if you're ever on a trip and drive by a place thinking "it'd be great to run here..." you can get out and go for a run
... you sleep in your running shorts because they're more comfortable than pyjamas, not to mention you don't need to change for your morning training session
... you can correctly pronounce names like "Hicham El Guerrouj" "Kennesia Bekele" and "Haile Gebresilassie"
... you've found yourself running around an airport departure hall thinking, "if I can just get in three more miles, I'll meet my mileage target this week"
... you wear sandals despite having the ugliest feet in the world, along with several black toe nails
... you get upset and impatient when results from the race you ran aren't posted on-line by the time you get home
... you find a magnifying glass to see your name in the paper.
... you have chafing in strange places.
... you spend more on training clothes than working clothes.
... you get hit by a car and you don't bother to get the number plate of the person who hit you because you still have several miles left to go
... your cabin-luggage is a shoe bag
... You say things like "long and hard" to your female friends and it is not a sexual innuendo
... you are used to the sound of a gun
... you make hundreds of left turns each week
... you have running shoes in varying degrees of decomposition: used, well-worn, spent but still good, and useless "but-I-still-wear-them-because-they-still-feel-good"

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