Thursday, 5 January 2012

My name is Jason and I am an addict...

parkrun addict of course! I have started to tell my story in the form of a blog which you are welcome to read at

I also host a page on Facebook called "Leeds parkrunners on tour" which should have the "Leeds" dropped from the title!! Originally created to arrange the odd bit of parkrun tourism for the many friends I have made at Hyde Park parkrun but has ended up being for anyone who wants to talk about or advertise a trip or arrange to visit us in Leeds!!

I managed to complete my 50th parkrun on New Years Eve- finally in a club!! To date I have been to 6 different parkruns with plans for 7 more so far this year!! I have a 6 year old son who loves to run, though not in the winter so he will have to wait for his 10 T-shirt, and my wife suddenly got addicted last summer and is currently on 25 runs. A proud mention of this on the parkrun show for the family!!!

There are a lot of great people around the country with many interesting tales to tell- I would like to see any of those who blog contribute to this collection of musings on the parkrun soul!! Great idea parkrunfan- love it!

Update 07/12/12 - I have now done 85 parkruns in total at 20 different venues! The Facebook page now has the more practical title "Discussion Group for parkrunners on Tour" and has 68 followers, 15 of which have arranged through it a trip to Malahide parkrun near Dublin in January! Feel free to add and use to organise your own trips, provide any feedback on any of our wonderful venues or to organise car-sharing when travelling away!!

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