Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Contributor: Ruth Mahon

Name: Ruth Mahon
Home Parkrun: Coventry.
Date of first Parkrun: 19 June 2010
Total Number of Parkruns: 59 (as of 7 January 2011)
Number of other Parkrun locations run: 1

Number of times volunteered: 6
My Parkrun history: click here

Here is a very brief overview of my Parkrun journey to date;

A friend told me about the Coventry Parkrun when it first started in February. I looked at the website but decided that getting to the park for a 9am start was not for me! Then another friend mentioned that his wife, Michaela, had signed up and was going to run that Saturday. This spurred me on to signing up and I joined Michaela for our first Parkrun.
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Once I started I found it addictive and have become a regular park runner along with
all those mentioned above and several other work colleagues and friends. After that first run getting up at 8 on a Saturday was no longer a problem.

When I started I spoke only to those people I already knew, however over time I have made many new friends and have recently been inspired to join a local running club. Although I have always done local races, I never used to do the club runs thinking that these were for good runners. Since joining the Parkrun community I have tried to support as many of the club events as I can. I think that the Parkrun has really bought the running community together being supported both by clubs and fun runners alike. Parkrunners do seem to be a very friendly bunch and the support that is given is brilliant.


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