Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A parkrun freedom and a half!

Not quite as dramatic as it sounds, it really was just one and a half parkruns. Andy (my brother and fellow contributor to this blog) and I were intending to do two freedom runs back-to-back, but we were running so slowly and chatting and time got the better of us, so 1.5 freedom runs it was.

I am very lucky having the park and the parkrun route so close to home. Even luckier to work from home a couple of days a week to allow me to get out and do freedom runs in the light during the week.

I love freedom parkruns. I must have done 70 or 80 or maybe more. I expect there aren't many parkrunners that have done more of them than me or Andy.

If you didn't know already, a freedom parkrun is just a 5km run on any parkrun course at some time other than a Saturday at 9am. By yourself or with a group of friends would do. The parkrun website even lets you record them so you can keep track of them, just visit your own profile page (there is a link to this in each email you get from parkrun).

Today's run also counts as run 2 for me for Marathon Talks Jantastic challenge. On schedule for my three run target for week one. I may even try and squeeze another freedom run (or 2) in on Friday before the parkrun on Saturday.

Happy freedom parkrunning everyone!


  1. Ken Fox at Leeds has done about 250!!

  2. I know all about Ken Fox. He was my nemesis (freedom parkrun wise) before my injury problems last year. I would do one he would do two! I doubt there are many parkrunners between us on freedom runs though.

  3. I've done 267 parkrun Freedoms to date. I'm just about to pop out add another one or two! I've slowed down a bit since reaching the 250 milestone. I'm getting into cross-country running this winter so I'm doing a few off road and hill runs instead of training runs in the park. So it should be a bit easier trying to catch me in the next few months.

  4. I've just checked the parkrun Freedom results site and by copying the Freedom runs of various parkrunners into Excel it's easy to count how many they've done. So I think the top 4 are:

    Me: 269
    Andy Wilkinson: 122
    Ian Wilkinson: 97
    Guy Willard: 46

  5. Thanks for your comments and thanks for the most parkruns stats Ken.

    I'm not doing too badly then, but even my brother is well ahead of me now.

    This is exactly why we need you to join this group and write about your thoughts and experiences of parkrun. Freedom runs and statistics in particular! Fancy join us?


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