Friday, 6 January 2012

What have parkruns done for me?

Well there’s the fitness. I used to be an unfit, overweight, couch potato. But a free 5km timed race round my local park at 9am every Saturday morning is doing wonders for my health. I not only feel good, I’m getting quicker despite getting older, and it’s all recorded on the parkrun website. And there are all the new friends. With a couple of hundred regulars turning up each week you soon get to know a lot of them and they’re a really friendly bunch. And you can win stuff courtesy of the sponsors – like the running shoes I got from Sweatshop for being a parkrunner of the month. And you get a snazzy exclusive Adidas parkrun t-shirt when you’ve done a few runs and I’m now the proud owner of a red 50 t-shirt and a black 100 t-shirt and jacket. And sometimes Lucozade turn up with free samples for everyone to rehydrate and aid recovery. And it’s all free. I just had to register on the web, print off my barcode and turn up.

Well apart from the fitness, the wonderful new friends, the community, the running shoes, the exclusive t-shirts, the nutrition, and the perfect start to every weekend, what have parkruns done for me?!


  1. I love the Monty Python references!

    Yeah, what have the parkruns ever done for us? I would love it if any went over or under an aqueduct!

    It makes you think doesn't it. All that parkrun does for each of us and its all for free...amazing!

  2. Nice one Ken! See you in the morning!


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