Monday, 9 January 2012

Andy sees a chance to win a parkrun

Chances to win a parkrun don't come along too often for people like us.

parkrun is far from being about winning, but someone has to come first and if any of us thought we had a realistic chance to come first, most of us would probably give it a good go.

Andy and I tried our hands at a quick Audio blog to discuss Andy's chance to be first at Coventry parkrun this weekend. Click here to listen to the Audio blog.

It may not be that slick, but it was our first effort at an Audio blog, we are amateurs and amazingly we did this in one take! You will probably be able to tell! Don't worry, if this Audio blog doesn't go down well, we won't do it again.

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  1. Love this Andy - I like the fact you make the distinction between yourself and 'club runners' despite clocking well below 18 minutes yourself at times! Keep up the blogging and I certainly like the audio blog idea - you're both well suited to radio ;-)


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