Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My 100th Freedom parkrun

I ran another couple of freedom parkruns today, which finally saw me join the freedom parkrun 100 club.

Though this isn't actually an officially recognised parkrun club, I am still very pleased with myself. It's taken roughly 16 months I think.

According to some stats supplied by freedom parkrun king, the fantastic Mr Ken Fox (267+), this makes me the third centurion of freedom parkruns. Following a long way behind Ken himself and a bit closer behind my brother Andy (about 125).

If you don't know already, a freedom parkrun is a 5km run on a parkrun course at some time other than 9 am on a Saturday morning. Simple. I can recommend them highly.

It was a lovely day to do a freedom parkrun today. The temperature must have been over 10C and it was certainly warm enough for shorts and a short sleeve top. More like spring than winter. I took a look at photos from exactly a year ago today and we were building snowmen in the back garden!

So will we (Andy, myself or anyone else) ever catch up with Ken in the freedom parkrun table? Not that a table exists (apart from the one I imagine to be in a frame on Ken's wall). I can't see anyone catching Ken for sometime. I'm not sure I have it in me. It will certainly take a concerted effort.

Anyone out there fancy trying to catch Ken or break into the freedom parkrun 100 club this year?

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