Friday, 13 January 2012

Me and My first Parkrun

So here I am the night before my first parkrun and I am excited to say the least.I have been a recreational runner for the last 5 years, running the occasional 10k race a couple of Great South Runs and a half marathon chucked in. Then after a couple of unsuccessful ballot attempts to the London Marathon , I decided to run the 2011 London Marathon for a great local charity. This was an amazing experience and despite a slight knee kniggle between miles 15 and 19, all went well and I finished in 4:43:03. As soon as I crossed the line I knew that I truly did love to run and that I could continue to do this. So in December I decided that I would set myself a challenge to run at least 2 miles everyday in 2012 ( this will include my first parkrun on January 14th and the London Marathon again on April 22nd). I will try and blog every week after the parkrun and give some insight onto how the race has gone and also an update on the runstreet 365 challenge. Thanks for reading and speak to you soon !Chris.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Chris. I look forward to reading how your first parkrun goes tomorrow. Good luck!


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