Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Contributor: Runnerbean

Name: Runnerbean
Home parkrun: Oxford
Date of first parkrun: Haven't done one yet - just signed up.
Total Number of parkruns: 0
Number of other parkrun locations run: 0
Number of times volunteered: 0

For me, signing up for Parkrun is as much about supporting a fantastic way to get people outside and running as it is about my eagerly anticipated reunion with running :) Parkrun has enticed me with it's warm community feel that I've heard snippets about through friends and colleagues around the country. Why aren't more people doing this?! I've been running for about 8 years now and have done a few 10ks and my first half-marathon in September last year. I also kayak (flat water racing), swim and cycle.

In early December I had surgery on my hip to repair some damage that had plagued all of my sporting activities and work with a literal pain in the back side for almost 3 years. I'm on the road to recovery now but itching to get back into my trainers and to the outdoors.

So I plan to start as a Parkrun volunteer and ease back into running as and when I can and in the mean time share my journey here on this blog and encourage other people to join Parkrun! Looking forward to reading everyone else's story here too!

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