Saturday, 14 January 2012

Coventry 100th Parkrun 14/1/2012

Alarm set for 8am as usual on a Saturday, the sky seemed a lot lighter than it had done over the past few weeks. Makes you feel much better when the mornings get lighter. By 8.40 I was dressed and prepared for the 100th Parkrun at Coventry, my 60th run.

On reaching the start line my first sight was of the lads in their cricket whites bearing the slogan 100 not out! This was followed by the appearance of a superhero. Felt ashamed that I had not even put on my tradition tutu for this memorable event. Note to self must do better for the 2nd birthday event in February. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Anyway onto to the run itself, weather was fantastic chilly to start but you soon warmed up once running. Started the race well running alongside a fellow Massey club runner, unfortunately dropped off during the 3rd km, have always struggled on the hill beside the tennis courts. Found the energy to do a final sprint passing at least 2 runners before crossing the finish line.

Sadly no Parkrun for me next week as going away with the cubs, scouts and explorers, did look up the closest Parkrun to the youth hostel but too far away.

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  1. Nice one Ruth, thanks for posting. Yeah, where was the infamous tutu?


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