Saturday, 21 January 2012



As a charity runner I was asked why Mrs R and myself  had asked Llyodspharmacy to sponsor the Parkrun? When surely the fifthteen thousand pounds a substantial amount of money involved would have been better going directly to a good charity!

Although the parkrun is free they still need and rely on donations to start up new parkruns in different areas. As we all know nothing is really free just ask Paul Sinton Hewitt what it really cost to start up a new parkrun.
Any way think of it like this how many people do you know at the parkrun  raise money for charities by running. Running is still the most used form of event used to raise money for charities.
As most people start with a 10k the parkrun is a ideal stepping stone to the 10k. It gives people a idea of what to expect at a event e.g marshals, support and the race funnel! New runners will also get a few tips from the parkrun regulars. The parkrun is a fantastic way for new runners to learn about running, Ive been running all my life but I still learn new things at the parkrun!
Any way think of it like this a group of us at Coventry added how much we had raised over the year for charities it came to over twenty thousands pounds a lot more than Lloydspharmacy had put in to it. Then  consider how much other runners at Coventry had raised for charities over the year. Then consider how many parkruns there are over the country and how much runners at those parkruns had raised for charities. You must consider this because the donations don't go to just one parkrun!

We have also got Lloydspharmacy to put another six thousand pounds in to Coventry fun run on the 20 May again due to the fact how much more money will be raised by runners for charities of their choice!

I'm not sure that people really realise how big and how much it helps contribute to the community and charities.

Any all the best!

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