Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Year of Parkrunning

Recently ...err just last week actually I celebrated my first anniversary of Parkrunning and today Newcastle Parkrun had their 2nd Birthday party (for some reason they delayed their celebrations for a week) anway due to the aforementioned I've managed to dig out my daily run log for that day, where Parkrun changed my life ...well okay that may be a bit melodramatic but you catch my drift, here goes.....

15/1/2011 Runstreak Day#1476 Early 7:15am start brekky, walked Prince Archie The Greyhound+set off to Newcastle Exhibition Park for Parkrun a weekly Nationwide 5k! Newcastle Parkrun celebrating their 1st Birthday! Unbelievably this was my 1st Parkrun after weeks and weeks of pestering by Parkrunners namely Tracy Millmore I gave in and finally gave it a go. I met Paul+Jo Sinton-Hewitt aka Mr & Mrs Parkrun (see pic) the couple behind the parkrun phenomenon who travelled from London! Very wet+windy conditons stopped any fast times, but I battled the headwind to beat an International Sharon Gayter (remember I got her signed autobiography for Christmas as a pressie) 5 k maybe too short for her Ultra passion, I also came in just behind Mr Parkrun himself! Then it was back to parkcafe for prize giving (some unusual wackey prizes)+lovely spread of party food for 1st birthday celebration! Parkrun record field of 199 including a 6month old baby boy aww (btw he was pushed by Dad in buggy) A great series+it's free just need to download barcode from site! More future Parkruns for Paulie methinks!

That last part made me chuckle, here I am, 47 Parkruns and 3 volunteer duties down the line and still going strong! Talk about Parkrun Passion taking a grip! Sadly, I was unable to make it to Newcastle to take part in their 2nd birthday bash as I was legging it around Durham Parkrun...but I did however, have a representative there on the Town Moor, my 19 year old son (yeah I know I don't look old enough) Joseph who today completed his 6th Parkrun and is on a little runstreak of 14 days up to now...go Joe go..that's my boy!

Keep on running ..... keep on smiling .... keep on Parkrunning!

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