Saturday, 21 January 2012

Tale of a Parkrun First Timer

Name :Steve Hyne
First Parkrun : 21/01/2012
Home Parkrun: PooleNumber of runs : 1

With the big six 0 rapidly approaching this year, I decided it was time to face some new challenges.

During my youth I was quite active, running 100metres, long jump, rugby and badminton but had never run more than 800 metres. Then along came a wife and children and there never seemed to be time for anything much more.

When the children were a bit older we started camping in the Swiss Alps and our love of the mountains grew to the extent that we spend most of our summers hiking there or sometimes the Canadian or Colorado Rockies.

When our children left home to start their own lives we joined our local Fitness First gym to improve our health and fitness and along the way have made some lovely friends. During last year we bought some bicycles and started to have weekend rides along our lovely beaches and country side.

During last year several of our friends started the Parkrun and on a Monday morning the chat would be about their run and who had done what and how much fun it had been meeting so many other people sharing the same interest.When they became aware of my aim to take part in the MacMillan Cancer Dorset Bike Ride later this year they said why don't you come and try the Parkrun but I was a bit unsure having not raced for so many years and wasn't sure my knees would be up to it ! After much encouragement in the new year I decided to try a few 5km runs on the treadmill and see how I felt.

This resulted in my first Parkrun today !

All they had said was true ! The atmosphere was great and it was not as intimidating as I had feared!At the start I was a bit apprehensive about going off too quick and burning out ! But I needn't Have worried as I soon found my pace and by the end of the first lap of the lake had settled into a comfortable stride. As I approached the final section it was great to experience my wife and several of our friends cheering me on to the finish.

Whilst the time it took was not important I had set myself a target time which I was amazed to find I had come in under ! This just added the final touch to the experience ! Which I have to say (as I have been told by many) is one Iwill enjoy repeating again.

Look out Parkrun ;-)


  1. Hi Steve, my home parkrun is Coventry but I did Poole last August, it is such a lovely course! My sister lives down there, I'm hoping to do it again in March.

    1. Hi Ali

      The course here is nice as it's fairly flat which formy first ever run was great although a bit windy ! Does your sister do the run ?

  2. Nice to read about your first parkrun experience. Good luck with your future parkruns, I look forward to reading about them!

  3. Thank you for your feedback, looking forward to my next run.


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