Saturday, 21 January 2012

Parkrun. A view from the rear

Name: Alison Clark
Home parkrun: Coventry
Date of first parkrun: 10/12/1
Total Number of parkruns: 6
Number of other parkrun locations run: 0
Number of times volunteered: 0 but I have emailed to be put ont the rota!
My parkrun history:

I started runnning about 3 years ago. I'm on the wrong side of 40 and never did any exercise before. To say I was unfit when I started was an understatement! I started at the gym where it was nice and warm on the treadmill at the back. It was boring and tedious and I just wasn't making any progress. Someone suggested running outside. The thought terrified me. An unfit, slightly overweight middle aged woman running round the streets of Nuneaton? In Lycra? That first outside run (well, more of a walk/ jog) was the turning point. Early in the morning the only people you see are dog walkers and other runners. No one pays any attention to anyone else out at that time. It was exhilarating. It was the start of the slippery slope. This coincided with a challenging time in my personal life. Running gave me an escape. I did a couple of 5Ks, a 10K (disaster - cross country and totally unprepared), and then the Run to the Beat Half marathon. I finished it, ran all the way and didn't come last. In 2011 I was ill. Running took a back seat. I had surgery in June and entered another Half for the October. This was the incentive to fully recover in 5 months. It worked.
My nephew told me about Parkrun. He runs at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham. I can't believe that I had never heard of it before. I signed up that week but didn't make it on the Saturday. I could say I had a good reason. The truth is, it was cold and my bed was warm. The following week though I had kit and bag ready the night before. I ran it. Now I am hooked!
I love that fact that anyone can take part.
I love the park. Its so beautiful on cold frosty mornings
I love that there are toilets and a cafe
I love that it is free
I love that it is brilliantly organised
I love that everyone is so friendly
I love that it doesn't matter how long everyone lese takes. Its you against the clock.

I'm not a fast runner. I finish in the bottom third. But the view at the rear is just as good. You still get cheered into the finishing tunnel. Yoy still get that sense of achievement when that text arrives telling you that another PB has been set.

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  1. Hi Alison, I'll look out for you next week, I'm always in the bottom third but I'm not bothered, it's as much about the social as the run! :)


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