Friday, 20 January 2012

Nicola Forwood parkrun Tourist! - part 1

A round up of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen!

Leeds. Event number 5, 03/11/2007

My very first parkrun and I didn’t talk to one single person! Probably the reason I didn’t come back for 6 months. I’ve just looked back at the results and Liz Jones and Jaz Bangerh ran this event too so I’m not sure how my parkrun experience was so silent! ;) I came 63/81; it’s 3 laps and I hated the hill every time round!

Coventry. Event number 11, 24/04/10

I convinced Ben to come and visit me (I was collaborating with a microbiologist at Warwick University); I then dragged him up to do Coventry parkrun! The volunteers were great, the park was massive and it was a really hot day. Instead of post run coffee we lay on the grass eating ice creams. I came 100/135. I remember it being flat but I’m not sure if that’s right as there have been lots of parkruns since!

Brueton. Event number 9, 18/09/10

Too much beer & curry the night before meant I didn’t really enjoy this one, despite the fact that the course was a great kind of figure 8 so you got to see all the runners. I ran with a friend, Clare, who is now not allowed to run because of arthritis :( and although I normally beat her, I was feeling so bad she beat me easily; I didn’t even have a sprint finish in me! :( I came ­­48/56. I remember an AWESOME guy (nearly 80) jogging at the back and LOVING it-an inspiration. They also had great volunteers who were not runners and not really interested in running, they just loved community and people-how great is that!

Norwich. Event number 10, 09/10/10

Nice to gain a different perspective of a park I’ve known for years, I really enjoyed this run as my sister helped set it up and is one of the Norwich race directors. I ran with my sister and the course is FLAT as a pancake! A couple of sharp corners stop it being a real PB course, I came 151/182. The bandstand is the perfect race-briefing stage. The café is COLD in the winter (there’s no heating) so wrap up warm!

Wimbledon. Event number 223, 16/04/11

I ran with mum and Ben the day before the VLM. The team were very friendly and there was a great photographer. It was a gorgeous run through the woods with hash flour markings and no marshals except at the end. Totally flat and very scenic. A very different parkrun experience and I loved it :) I stole someone’s pace and then beat him at the end! I love drafting (wasn’t to go fast, was just to be lazy and let someone else pace me! Te he he!) I came 248/259.

Roundhay. Event number 3, 07/05/11

I’d heard it was hilly but thought I’d do it anyway. All I have to say is HILLS HLLS HILLS and the worst parkrun course offence; AN UPHILL FINISH STRAIGHT! No sprint finish for me then! 3 laps so the hills just keep coming! I must also add there are great views of the beautiful sweeping course, a gorgeous park and a lovely team that I already knew from Leeds parkrun; I came 58/81.

Bradford. Event number 56, 14/05/11

A charming course; 3 laps which (after the short but steep hill) feel like they are all downhill. The hill wasn’t a problem as there were the BEST volunteers to push you and pull you up a hill. The one at the bottom shouting “go on, push it, get up the hill” and one at the top shouting “you’ve nearly done it, you’re doing great”. LOVED IT, I came 72/90. One thing to point out-UPHILL FINISH :(

I look forward to all the new parkruns I will experience in the future, particularly the inaugural Harrogate parkrun tomorrow! :)

Part 2 to follow soon

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